I’m writing a Minecraft novel! Wait, I’m writing a Minecraft novel?

They say write what you know.
I know Minecraft and I know writing for kids. Combining the two seemed like a natural fit and the beginnings of a really fun project.
The Battle for Minecraft saga begins . . .how to write in a book in minecraft
With an idea brewing, I sat down and spent the last month plotting and writing. The result is the Battle for Minecraft saga, a three book series for Middle Grade readers (age 8 – 14 years) set in the world of Minecraft.

It’s still a working title and much could change, but my goal is to have Book 1: Assault on Overworld, available in ebook by September 2014, with a print edition to follow very quickly.
What’s it about? Excellent question. Here’s a blurb for Assault on Overworld:
Things got serious when the creepers blew up the school cafeteria.
Before that Hamid, Ant and Jaina were three typical Minecraft-loving kids. Now, they are trapped inside the mysterious Minecraft world known only as the Seed racing to stop more monsters from spilling out of the game and into the real world.
The Battle for Minecraft has begun . . .

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