Why set up Google Webmaster tools?

Google webmaster tool is one of most valuable and important tool these days. It is a free or no-charge tool that is provided by Google that offers a webmaster with all required tools that are needed to optimize and modify your website for all major search engines. With this tool, you can report encountered errors on your website, and this tool is also very helpful in your website’s marketing. This tool also shows that how many pages of your website are indexed. That is it allows you to check indexing of your website’s pages and also allows you to optimize your website’s visibility.

Webmaster Tools

Here are various reasons why set up Google Webmaster tools
1. Firstly, Google Webmaster Tools enables you to submit an XML sitemap of your website. A sitemap is a list of the pages on your website. These pages are displayed in a hierarchy, showing the route leading to each page on the site. The site map is available to search engine robots and tells them about pages that they may not have otherwise found. Google Webmaster Tools shows how many of the pages on your site have been indexed.

2. Google’s robot (Googlebot) crawls web pages and indexes those pages which it thinks will be useful for future search engine results. Googlebot logs any pages it cannot crawl or links which it comes across which are broken. This information can be accessed through the Webmaster Tools dashboard, enabling you to fix any issues and fulfill your website’s potential.

3. Another facility that is useful is the ability to see which searched keywords led to your site being listed in Google’s search results and how many users clicked through to your site. From this information, you can assess which are the most popular pages on your site so you can focus on those pages and the products or services that they relate to. By seeing the click through rate from your listing in the search results, you can also see how appealing your listing is to users.

4. Maximise your sites’ optimisation by deciding which Url you want search engines to direct traffic to. Basically, this can be set on Google Webmaster Tools.

5. An important aspect of website optimisation is obtaining both external and internal links to your site. Google Webmaster Tools lists details of these links which is downloadable. Details include which websites are pointing to yours and which web page they are pointing to.

To use this Google Webmaster Tools, you must have a Google account. Once after logging into this one you should add your web site by providing your website address in the respective column as per the instructions provided by Google. Once after adding your site you will see your website under sites menu.To avail this Google Webmaster Tools for your website your must have full access on that particular site.

To let Google boat crawl and index it easily, you can submit an XML site map of your website.You also can see clear and detailed information about the indexing of your webpage.

The best thing about this Google Webmasters Tools is it will give a clear picture about the internal and external links to your website, errors, keywords and missing pages. This information is quite important to make sure your website will display in the top in search results page.

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